Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vietnam Visa Extension

Vietnam Visa Extension – Steps to be Taken for a Longer Stay in the Vietnam

Vietnam visa extension refers to the permission given for an extended stay in the Vietnam to foreign nationals. These persons are already in the Vietnam on a non-immigrant visa for travel, pleasure, study, work or business and want to extend their stay in the Vietnam.

When a foreigner enters Vietnam, an Immigration Officer gives him/her a form M3 which is the Arrival Departure document. The M3 form has a date stamped on it, on or before which the visitor must leave the country. If he/she want to stay more time in Vietnam, he/she need the permission for Vietnam visa extension and allows the non-immigrants to extend their stay for a certain approved period.

Eligibility Criteria for Vietnam Visa Extension

Individuals eligible for a Vietnam visa extension are those who have entered into Vietnam lawfully with a travel, business, family visa are not required to leave Vietnam in order to extend their visa status are not involved in criminal activities that might negate their eligibility and the status of their travel, business, family visa remains valid.

How to Apply for Vietnam Visa Extension?

There are different Vietnam visa categories and the visa extension procedure depends on which category the applicant belongs to.
- C1 Visa: Visa with vacation, travel purpose
- C2 Visa: Visa with family/ friend visit purpose
- B1-2-3 Visa: Visa with business purpose
When to Apply for Vietnam Visa Extension?

According to the Regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, the application for the extension of stay (form N5) must be filed prior to the expiration of the authorized stay and received by Vietnam Immigration Department 3-5 working days after.

In case, the application of Vietnam visa extension has been filed late and/or after the expiration of the authorized stay, it must be proved that:
- The delay was due to unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances
- No such act has been committed by the applicant that might violate his non-immigrant status such as working without the approval of Vietnam Immigration Department.
- The duration of delay in filing was reasonable.
- The applicant is not involved in any kind of formal proceedings regarding his deportation and removal from Vietnam and
- The status of the applicant is still that of a non-immigrant.

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